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For Yank Berry, It’s About Saving Lives

March 21, 2017

Yank Barry’s career of 30 years in the music industry, in which he was a successful singer-songwriter, producer and publisher, was quite impressive on its own. Following that music career, he founded and ran Vitapro, a successful food manufacturer. Now, he’s into a third career, which may be his most successful yet. Certainly, it’s his most impactful career so far. He is now a world-class humanitarian and philanthropist.

Because global hunger initiative, Global Village Champions Foundation, has served up more than one billion meals to hungry people all over the world. Many of these people also live in politically unstable areas where few others would go. Yank Barry's philanthropic style is a bit different and more personal than most; he sure doesn’t believe in just giving money. All of this is a key reason why Yank Barry has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times. He has also received awards and accolades from all over the world, including Côte D'Ivoire, the Bahamas. India, and Mexico. Just last year, Yank received the Childhelp International Achievement Award.